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Mission, Vision, Values and Ethical Principles


Training of highly qualified competitive medical and pharmaceutical specialists for the Southern region and the country as a whole on the basis of the achievements of modern science and practice, ready to adapt to the rapidly changing conditions in the medical and pharmaceutical industry through continuous improvement of competence and development of creative initiative.


Effective system of medical and pharmaceutical education, based on the competence approach and the needs of practical public health and pharmaceutical industries, focused on the training of specialists that meet international quality and safety standards.

Basic ethical principles, on which SKMA relies for the realization of its mission:

The principle of high professionalism the teaching staff of SKMA � this is permanent improvement of their knowledge and skills, ensuring the provision of quality educational services for students at all levels of training.

The principle of quality in SKMA � this is the realization of conception of modernization of Kazakhstan education, the main direction of which is to ensure the modern quality of education based on the preservation of its fundamental and compliance with the actual and prospective needs of the individual, society and state, which is ensured by the use in the educational process, scientific-research activities and consultative and diagnostic work of innovative technologies and new achievements of science and practice.

The principle of orientation training � this is the implementation of a student-centered learning process on flexible path of educational programs, taking into account the rapidly changing economic conditions and current trends in the labor market, the creation of maximum effective conditions for their professional growth, development of motivation and monitoring of training outcomes, continuous renovation of educational programs, expanding the volume of knowledge and competence, necessary for effective professional activity.


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In June 2006, the Academy received international quality certificate ISO 9001-2001, in 2009 and 2012 SKSPhA successfully passed re-certification audits. In 2011, SKSPhA was accredited by science. In autumn 2013, the Academy successfully passed institutional accreditation in IQAA and nowadays SKSPhA trains specialists with higher education of pharmaceutical and medical profile in bachelor degree, magistracy and residency ...