Study in Kazakhstan Best Medical University

Study in Kazakhstan Best Medical University

In order to pursue higher education, every student dreams of going to a prestigious university. It is important to consider the quality and ranking of the institution before enrolling in any course. Doctoring is a serious profession that you choose to do for the rest of your life. 

Kazakhstan is now one of the top countries in terms of the quality of its MBBS programs. There are about 100 universities in Kazakhstan that offer MBBS programs. Getting firsthand information about MBBS universities in Kazakhstan can be quite challenging for Indian students. There are few MBBS universities in Kazakhstan that offer state-of-the-art training and carefully crafted curriculums. There has been some research suggesting that MBBS education in Kazakhstan is undergoing a transformation over the past ten years. Kazakhstan is home to more than 30,000 students pursuing their MBBS there. There is clearly a high demand for MBBS courses at universities. How can we determine which medical universities in Kazakhstan are the best?

When you search for some of the best Universities in kazakhstan, you will find some of them everywhere and one of the best is South Kazakhsthan Medical Academy (SKMA). 

South Kazakhstan Medical Academy 

SKMA is one of the top notch Medical Universities in Shykment, Kazakhstan . This university bagged the NO 1 position in the list of medical college in Kazakhstan. Highly experience and professional physicians are associated with this University. Acted as the first rector for this University. The University started its operation in the year 1979. More than 11000 medical students and PHD students are part of this University. 1500 faculty members are associated with this hospital of MEDICAL COLLEGE in Kazakhstan. Aside to this this prestigious college is having 200 doctors of science, 130 professors, and more than 500 candidates of science along with 15-laureates of State prizes.

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Why to Study In South Kazakhstan Medical Academy 

SKMA is a brilliant medical school, which aims to offer high quality of medical and pharmaceutical education to the students at all levels. The teaching staff always update & upgrade themselves medically to provide the best knowledge & skills to the students. SKMA organizes its “University organized educational programme” as their educational curriculum to provide clinical activities. These programs helps our students to grow professionally by providing environment as well as complete knowledge about medical field with the modern terms used in the market of healthcare.

Training at medical faculty of “The South Kazakhstan Medical Academy” is an opportunity to become a highly qualified specialist who has gained knowledge and has mastered the first-hand practical skills of industry leaders who determine the development policy of domestic health care. Every year, the SKMA Faculty of Medicine graduates more than 1,000 doctors, two thirds of whom have “excellent” and “good” marks in the diploma.


If you are a Medical student and looking to study in Kazakhstan best medical university then here is you ideal destination. Choose SKMA as a partner of your success. 

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