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Located at Shymkent, Kazakhstan, the South Kazakhstan State Medical University was incepted in the year of 1979. The university has been touted as one of the most preferred and best universities in the Shymkent region of Kazakhstan. It now ranks as the best universities in the list of such universities at the national level.

The university is equipped with adequate staff and exceptional academic infrastructure to provide all the necessary teaching and learning support to the students from the home country and from other countries.

The university offers the following faculties;

  • Faculty of General Medicine
  • Faculty of Dental Studies
  • Faculty of Continues Professional Development
  • Faculty of Pharmaceutical Studies
  • Faculty of Preparation of Specialize with Technical Professional Education

Why south kazakhstan medical academy?

mbbs in kazakhstan

The organizational structure of the university is devised to provide maximum support for the students for their excellence in academic activities that can make them better medical professionals who can contribute to the betterment of the society and the field of medical studies. For this the university is supported by various youth policies and supportive initiative of the government ensuring continuous improvement and exceptional levels of quality for each and every students of the university

Most of the international students of the university prefer general medicine, dentistry or pharmacy as their choice of study. The students hail from countries such as India, Pakistan, South Korea, Japan, China and continents like Africa and even Europe.

The university has adequate academic infrastructure to ensure that the students are able to get the best practical and theoretical exposure to the subjects they study in the university. The university has an excellent library that has tens of thousands of books on various subjects that can help the students immensely during their medical course in the university.

As part of the university’s initiative to provide highest levels of education to its students, it has established exceptional networks and academic exchanges with some of the best medical universities and educational institutes in Kazakhstan and other countries as well. Also, the university invites at times several experts in various medical and research fields for guest lectures and interactions with the students to deliver better learning experience for the students. As a university that aims to bring in exceptional and holistic development in the personality of the students, the university has in place several extra-curricular activities and initiatives.

5 year Mbbs course in Kazakhstan

MBBS in Kazakhstan is for the students willing to become good doctors but in affordable costs. It is not possible for every student to bear the high donation or tuition fee charges in the Indian private medical colleges. So 5 year MBBS course in Kazakhstan can be a very good decision to make.

Students can avail the facilities which the medical universities in Kazakhstan offer and that too in affordable costs. The universities are well equipped with all modern amenities and also have a good infrastructure and campus. Hostel and Food facility is also available for the students coming from all corners of the world. The education system in Kazakhstan and specially the medical universities attract many foreigner students every year.

The pass outs from the medical universities of Kazakhstan can work globally depending upon their choice and availability of opportunities.


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In June 2006, the Academy received international quality certificate ISO 9001-2001, in 2009 and 2012 SKSPhA successfully passed re-certification audits. In 2011, SKSPhA was accredited by science. In autumn 2013, the Academy successfully passed institutional accreditation in IQAA and nowadays SKSPhA trains specialists with higher education of pharmaceutical and medical profile in bachelor degree, magistracy and residency ...