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Citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan, foreign citizens and stateless persons having a basic secondary (basic general), general secondary (general secondary), technical and vocational (primary and secondary professional), post-secondary, higher (higher professional) education.

To receive applications for training, entrance examinations and admission to the trainees, a selection committee is created no later than one week before the admission documents are received. The admissions committee includes the chairman, the executive secretary, members of the admission committee.

Reception of applications of persons for training is carried out from June 20 to August 20.

To the application for admission to study, applicants are enclosed with a copy of the identity document, the original document of education, a medical certificate on form No. 086-U with X-ray application (for invalids of Groups I and II and disabled from childhood - medical and social expertise conclusion), medical the reference on the form 063, 6 photos in the size 3x4.

Documents , certifying the identity of the applicant are presented personally, by parents or legal representatives.

Foreigners and stateless persons submit a document determining their status, with a note on registration at the place of residence:

1) alien - a residence permit for a foreigner in the Republic of Kazakhstan;

2) stateless person - certificate of a stateless person;

3) refugee - refugee certificate;

4) person, who needs home - the certificate of the seeker;

5) oralman - oralman certificate.

Applications from applicants are registered in the journals of registration of the organization of education by forms of training.

Individuals who have provided a comprehensive testing certificate (graduates of past years who participated in a comprehensive testing in the current year for admission to higher education) or a certificate of UNT results (graduates of the current year who participated in a single national testing), are exempted from entrance examinations and are allowed to compete in accordance with the conditions specified in clause 1 of section 3 of these Rules, taking into account the availability of a profile subject in the chosen specialty in the certificate in accordance with the List of the mandatory profile subject in the specialties for admission to the educational institutions of the Model Regulations for Admission to Education in organization of education

implementing professional training programs of technical and vocational education, approved by the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan from January 19, 2012 No 130.

Entrance examinations for those who enter technical and professional education for training on educational curricula, which provide training for middle-level specialists and who have: 1) general secondary education is conducted in three subjects (reading literacy (the language of instruction), the history of Kazakhstan and the subject of the specialty profile); 2) basic secondary education - in two subjects in the volume of curricula of basic secondary education (literacy of reading (language of instruction) and subject in the specialty profile).

Entrance examinations are conducted in Kazakh or Russian languages according to the applications of applicants.

The form of entrance exams is testing.

Entrance examinations are held from August 1 to August 28.

At carrying out of entrance examinations in the form of testing the quantity of test tasks for each subject 25; the correct answer to each test task is estimated 1 point; for testing in three subjects is given 2 hours 15 minutes, and in two subjects - 1 hour 30 minutes; the correct answer codes are displayed immediately after the test is completed; the results of testing are announced on the day of the test.

In order to ensure compliance with unified requirements and resolve disputes in the assessment of test assignments in subjects, protection of the rights of those who arrive, an appeal commission is created. The composition of the Appeals Commission includes the chairman, secretary, members of the appeal committee.

A person who does not agree with the results of testing in subjects may apply for an appeal. An application for appeal is submitted to the Appeal Board before 13:00 the day after the announcement of the test results and is considered by the appeal commission with the applicant's participation within one day.

The decision of the appeal commission is made by a majority of votes from the list structure of the commission. In the event of a tie, the chairman of the commission has the right to a decisive vote. The work of the commission is formalized by protocols signed by the chairman and all members of the commission.

Retake of the test in the subjects is not allowed.Enrollment of persons for training is carried out on applications of individuals on a competitive basis. The competition is held: on the basis of the points of the UNT certificates; on the basis of scores of certificates issued on the basis of the results of entrance examinations conducted in the form of comprehensive testing for admission to higher education institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan; on the basis of scores (assessments) obtained by the results of entrance examinations in subjects in the form of testing conducted by the education organization.

When holding a competition for enrollment, the sum of points from three items according to point 4 of these Rules, specified in the UNT certificates or complex testing, is taken into account. The following persons are not allowed to participate in the competition for enrollment:

1) less than 25 points from two subjects, for those with a basic general education;

2) less than 35 points out of three subjects for those with a general secondary education.

Admission to the training is conducted from August 25 to August 30.

Enrollment in the education organization is carried out at an open meeting of the admission committee separately in the specialties.


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In June 2006, the Academy received international quality certificate ISO 9001-2001, in 2009 and 2012 SKSPhA successfully passed re-certification audits. In 2011, SKSPhA was accredited by science. In autumn 2013, the Academy successfully passed institutional accreditation in IQAA and nowadays SKSPhA trains specialists with higher education of pharmaceutical and medical profile in bachelor degree, magistracy and residency ...