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Preparation of interns is carried out in accordance with SCSE of the Republic of Kazakhstan 5.03.006-2006 ''State Common Standard for Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Higher professional education. The system of education of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Monitoring and evaluation of knowledge in higher educational institutions. Basic provisions", a standard curriculum and a program for each specialty," Regulations on internships. "

The compulsory minimum of a professional educational program for a particular specialty is established by the relevant state common standard for education.

Working study programs are approved by the Academic Council of JSC "SKMA" and revised taking into account the changes of the State Common Standard for Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Preparation in the internship is carried out according to the specialties approved by the order of the Healthcare Ministry of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On approval of the clinical specialties list of training in internship and residency" No27, 01 Jan, 2008 (with changes and additions 6 May, 2013).

Formation of a contingent of interns is carried out by the way of transfer with a state educational grant from other HEIs, as well as payment for training at the expense of the citizens' own funds and other sources.

Training of foreigners in the internship is carried out on a contractual basis.

Reception of applications arriving in the internship is conducted from July 1 to August 25.

The distribution of the specialties is held from 15 to 25 August.

To the competition for admission to the internship in the areas of training: "Internal disease ", "Pediatrics", "Obstetrics and Gynecology", "Surgery", "General Medical Practice" are allowed to persons who have a diploma of higher education in specialties 031101- "Medical Business" , 5B130100- "General Medicine". When distributing trainees in the areas of training, their GPA (Grade Point Average) is taken into account for the entire training period.

To receive documents for the internship, a reception committee is created in JSC "SKMA". The chairman of the selection committee is the vice-rector for educational and methodical work, the members of the commission include the head of the department of internships and employment of graduates, as well as heads of clinical departments.

The membership of the selection committee is approved by the order of the head of the HEI.

Persons entering the internship submit the following documents to the HEI:

1) an application addressed to the head of the organization;

2) a notarized copy of the diploma;

3) transcript (copy);

4) identity card (copy);

5) photos -3x4, color, 4 pieces;

6) letter-consent to the transfer;

7) an extract from the order for transfer from course to course;

8) Certificate of award of an educational grant (if any);

9) the conclusion on the nostrification of documents (for those transferred from other countries);

10) a personal list of personnel records.

Together with copies of the documents specified in this clause, the original is provided for reconciliation. After reconciliation, the originals are returned.

Persons who received documents on education in foreign HEIs, for admission to the internship in accordance with the received level of education and the profile of training, must pass the procedure for the recognition or nostrification of documents on education.

Documents on education issued by foreign educational organizations are recognized on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan in accordance with international treaties (agreements).


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In June 2006, the Academy received international quality certificate ISO 9001-2001, in 2009 and 2012 SKSPhA successfully passed re-certification audits. In 2011, SKSPhA was accredited by science. In autumn 2013, the Academy successfully passed institutional accreditation in IQAA and nowadays SKSPhA trains specialists with higher education of pharmaceutical and medical profile in bachelor degree, magistracy and residency ...